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  • French Production

    J'aime Hydro

    October 31, 2017 - April 20, 2019
    On Tour

    Est-ce que le pacte entre Hydro-Québec et la population québécoise tient toujours, sommes-nous toujours « Maîtres chez nous » ?

  • French Production


    December 18, 2017 - March 29, 2018
    On Tour

    Une pièce documentaire sur les événements entourant la mort tragique d’un jeune Canadien originaire du Honduras, abattu par un policier à Montréal-Nord durant l’été 2008.

In Development
  • Tout inclus

    A new documentary play (in French) that asks how we want to spend our older years.

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  • The Assembly

    Playwright Annabel Soutar teams up with actors Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson to create a thrilling theatrical response to the rise of extremism and tribalism in political discourse today.

  • Tout inclus

    A new documentary play (in French) that asks how we want to spend our older years.

  • J'aime Hydro

    J’aime Hydro is Annabel Soutar’s most recent collaboration with actress and budding playwright Christine Beaulieu about the future of energy production in Quebec. (French language production)

  • The Watershed

    A docudrama about the politics of water in Canada. It was part of Toronto’s Pan/Parapan American Games’ cultural program in July 2015.

  • Project

    The Water Shed

    81% of Canadians live in urban areas. How are we supposed to commune with water as we once did? The Water Shed will provide Canadians with a space and a moment to do so, to tap into the key message, “We Are Water.”

  • Seeds

    Seeds is a provocative reenactment of the Monsanto vs. Percy Schmeiser legal showdown and its impact on the global debate about GMOs.

  • Fredy

    Fredy is Annabel Soutar’s latest documentary play about the tragic death of Fredy Villanueva who was shot by a Montreal police officer in Montreal North in 2008. Premiering in March 2016 at La Licorne in Montreal, directed by Marc Beaupré.

  • Sexy béton

    Two actors, Brett and Maude, become interested in the story of an overpass collapse in Laval that killed 5 people. When they discover that no one has taken any responsibility for this disaster, they start their own investigation to find out why it fell down.

  • Import / Export

    Import/Export explores the relationship between Canada and China as they attempt to navigate through a period of extreme economic transformation.

  • Montréal la blanche

    What is it like to be Algerian in Montreal? More than 30,000 Algerian immigrants have a say. A few of their stories are portrayed in Montréal la blanche.

  • Santé!

    Santé! is a documentary series of seven short plays that explore the health care issue in Quebec.

  • 2000 Questions

    In 2000, when the dot com speculative bubble bursts, a young woman embarks on a study of stock market investing to understand, once and for all, the behavioral crux of capitalism.

  • Novembre

    Drawn from hundreds of interviews done all across Quebec during the electoral campaign of 1998, Novembre offers a unique look on Quebec and Quebeckers.