Porte Parole 101

Action speaks louder than words - but there is no greater action than speaking artfully with one another.

At Porte Parole we restore dignity to human dialogue by insisting that it actively and artfully reflect diverse points of view. We do so by practicing a creative process called ‘documentary theatre’ whereby stage artists record current event stories from myriad perspectives and then mediate those perspectives for an audience through the performance of a play.

In today’s polarized world Porte Parole’s play-making is serious business. Since 2000, under the creative direction of playwright Annabel Soutar, the Company’s eight acclaimed productions have mobilized people from different ideological, cultural and professional backgrounds to reflect together on the most controversial issues of their time.

Plays & Projects
  • The Watershed

    A docudrama about the politics of water in Canada. It will be part of Toronto’s Pan/Parapan American Games’ cultural program in July 2015.

  • Seeds

    Seeds is a provocative reenactment of the Monsanto vs Percy Schmeiser legal showdown and its impact on the global debate about GMOs.

  • The Water Shed

    81% of Canadians live in urban areas. How are we supposed to commune with water as we once did? The Water Shed will provide Canadians with a space and a moment to do so, to tap into the key message, “We Are Water.”