Seeds, acclaimed in Calgary and Vancouver


Seeds, Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC, PuSh Festival. Photo: Riz Herbosa

Seeds returns from its January West Coast tour with more acclaim:

The Calgary Herald underlines the play’s “astonishing depth and complexity”, which is matched, according to Heidi J. Loos, of the Vancouver Weekly, by its “gripping, dramatic storytelling”.

Ms. Loos adds “(…) Soutar’s storytelling is so poignant and rich, and the details and characters so juicy that by the end of the second act you’ll be wishing there could be a third!”.

Maureen McNamee, in Calgary’s Fast Forward Weekly blog, sums it up: “Everything you thought you knew about the Monsanto vs Schmeiser case will be challenged by Porte Parole’s Seeds.”

Next run: Ottawa, at the National Arts Center, March 26th-April 12th, 2014

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