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“I see the act of producing theatre as a means of expressing my optimism about our capacity to speak with one another respectfully and intelligently despite our differences.“

— Annabel Soutar, Artistic Director and Co-founder of Porte Parole


When you donate to Porte Parole, you become part of a compassionate and optimistic movement to support and build a tradition of artful and engaged citizenry. Your tax-deductible contribution helps us:

  • Create, produce and tour thought-provoking plays that trigger social dialogue through intelligent entertainment.
  • Develop educational content that inspires young people to become more engaged in the world.
  • Deliver our content through new digital platforms so as to instil a spirit of civic compassion beyond the theatre’s walls.

Thank you for investing in this optimism and in the values that are central to all Porte Parole productions.