The Assembly


Playwright Annabel Soutar teams up with actors Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson to create a thrilling theatrical response to the rise of extremism and tribalism in political discourse today.

The Assembly invites the left and the right to face each other in a live setting and to attempt to transcend their ideological labels through listening.

What is at stake?  No less than the future stability of global democracy.

Directed by Chris Abraham of Toronto’s Crow’s Theatre and featuring Jimmy Blais, Sean Colby, Alex Ivanovici, Tanja Jacobs, Ngozi Paul and Brett Watson, The Assembly promises to be Porte Parole’s most politically electric documentary to date.


Project background:

The Assembly is an attempt to put the broken and polarized pieces of 21st century political discourse back together again in the theatre. The documentary theatre project started in April 2016 when Porte Parole Artistic Director Annabel Soutar commissioned actors Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson to interview Americans who supported Donald Trump during the US presidential primaries.  Since then, it has evolved to become a broader examination of the ideological dugouts where so-called liberals and conservatives huddle in isolation and become less able to speak rationally together about politics.


On Tour
  • Oct 25 - Nov 3, 2018Toronto, Ontario
    Crow's Theatre