Montréal la blanche

What is it like to be Algerian in Montreal? More than 30,000 Algerian immigrants have a say. A few of their stories are portrayed in Montréal la blanche.

  • Theatre at its most powerful.
    Matt Radz, The Montreal Gazette
  • The artistry of good theatre combined with compelling real-life narratives.
    Jodi Essery, Hour
Production Details
  • Year 2004
  • Venue Le Studio du Monument-National, Montreal
  • Director Philippe Ducros
  • Set Design Marie-Claude Pelletier, Frédérique Lessard, Sharon Scott
  • Lighting Design Yan Lee Chan
  • Costumes Nadia Bellefeuille
  • Original Music Ludovic Bonnier
  • Cast Joseph Antaki, Hynda Benabdallah, Saïd Benyoucef, Karim Bourara, Ariel Ifergan, Michel Mongeau, Elkahna Talbi
  • Stage Manager Merissa Tordjman
  • Production Manager Elaine Normandeau
  • Technical Director Eliot W. Smith