2000 Questions

In 2000, when the dot com speculative bubble bursts, a young woman embarks on a study of stock market investing to understand, once and for all, the behavioral crux of capitalism. Her creative process is fueled by a personal quest to resolve her own relationship to her father, a stock market investor himself.

Won MECCA prize in 2002 for best set design. (Montreal English Critics’ Circle).

  • There's a fear, euphoria, greed, ambition, competitiveness, panic, anger, disillusionment - all bound together with humour
    Sheila McGovern, The Montreal Gazette
Production Details
  • Year 2002
  • Venue Cinquième Salle, Place-des-Arts, Montreal
  • Director Alex Ivanovici
  • Set Design Jonas Veroff Bouchard
  • Lighting Design Robin A. Paterson
  • Costumes Robert Leader
  • Original Music Julie Fainer (DJ Killa-Jewel)
  • Cast Stéphane Blanchette, Grace Bush-Vineburg, Julie Duquette, Alex Ivanovici, Terrence la Brosse Ross, Jacynthe Laguë, Jennifer Morehouse and Donovan Reiter
  • Stage Manager Luciana Burcheri
  • Technical Director Eliot W. Smith