Sexy béton


Sophie Rolland and Maude Laurendeau-Mondoux in Sexy béton. Photo: Robert Etcheverry

Sexy béton (2009/2011), Annabel Soutar

Two actors, Brett and Maude, become interested in the story of an overpass collapse in Laval that killed 5 people. When they discover that no one has taken any responsibility for this disaster, they start their own investigation to find out why it fell down.

Presented as a trilogy at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts from June 2009 to January 2010.

Sexy béton, l’intégrale, presented from February 9th to 26th 2011 at the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier (salle Fred Barry).

Other presentations of the play :

November 2nd - Ste-Geneviève 8:00 PM

November 3rd – Mtl. M. de la culture Frontenac 8:00 PM

November 5th- Mtl. M. de la culture Rosemont 8:00 PM

November 10th & 11th - Longueuil 8:00 PM, Théâtre de la Ville : 450 670-1616

November 12th - Lachine 8:00 PM, Pavillon de l’Entrepôt : 514 634-3471 # 302

November 17th - Mtl. M. de la culture Marie-Uguay 8:00 PM, 514 872-2044

November 30th - Mtl. M. de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal 8:00 PM : 514 872-2266

December 1st – Gatineau 8:00 PM, salle Jean-Desprez : 819 243-2345

December 4th – St-Jean-sur-Richelieu 15:30 PM, Théâtre des Deux Rives : 450 358-3949

Credits for the Sexy béton trilogy:

Playwright: Annabel Soutar, Directors: André Perrier, Sophie Vajda, Set design: Cédric Lord, André Perrier, Marc Sénécal, Sound design: Carlo Verdicchio, André Perrier, Anne-Marie Levasseur et Caroline Turcot  Costumes: Marie-Pier Fortier, Danaëlle Lareau, Marc Sénécal, Props: Danaëlle Lareau, François Ouimet, Lighting : Paul Auclair, Mathieu Marcil, Assistant directors: Marie-Andrée Lemire, Marjorie Bélanger, François Ouimet, Stage managers: Marjorie Bélanger, François Ouimet, Technical Directors: Simon Lachance, Jérémi Guilbault, Julien Blais-Savoie, Cast: Stéphane Blanchette, Pierre Collin, Marie-Josée Gauthier, Alex Ivanovici, Maude Laurendeau-Mondoux, France Rolland, Paul Stewart and Brett Watson, Video editor: Laura Kneale, Intern: Felicia Mezzanotte

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