Porte Parole creates and produces original documentary plays about Canadian contemporary life that inspire diverse audiences to think critically together about current social issues.

Mission and Vision

Porte Parole’s mission is to curate live performance experiences that create a transformational sense of engagement in Canadian citizens and that promote Canada abroad as a country whose stage artists play a key role in sustaining democratic dialogue.

Ultimately, Porte Parole aims to make theatre an innovative hub of democratic dialogue – a space that promotes curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and live contact between diverse and engaged citizens.


1. Openness
Porte Parole’s interpretation of the world is guided by respect for divergent points of view.

2. Civic engagement
Porte Parole believes that all members of a community are accountable for, and must embrace, the role they play as informed citizens to ensure a healthy and dynamic democracy.

3. Exploration
Porte Parole believes in exploring all facets of an idea with rigour and independence in order to provide a holistic point of view of the world.

4. Experience
By leveraging its creative skills and those of its artistic partners, Porte Parole offers unique live experiences that are entertaining, informative and inspiring.