What do a Romanian actor and a Westmount playwright have in common? As it turns out: way too much.  Co-conspirators in the theatre since 1997, husband and wife, and enthusiastic parents multi-tasking their way through life, Alex Ivanovici and Annabel Soutar have been the artistic tag team behind Porte Parole since our official founding in 2000.

Today Annabel writes the plays and raises the money while Alex joins the fun when we’re ready to go into production.  Of the 7 plays created by Porte Parole, Annabel has written 5 of them and Alex has directed or acted in almost all of them.

In 2012 with the company they founded still alive, their marriage still intact and their kids in full-day school programs, Annabel and Alex have taken Porte Parole to the next level with remounts of past plays and upcoming tours.

Please feel free to email Alex and Annabel with ideas for future productions, and thoughts about current shows at  They love interacting with their audience!